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Engineering Mechanics for 1st Year Engineering Students

Learn Engineering Mechanics, anywhere, on your own, at your own place.

Mechanics for Engineers: Statics

This course is going to help you understand the challenging topics of statics by a straight forward method, concentrated on the practical aspects of Statics with specific examples.

Fundamentals of Statics for Engineering Undergrades

Get to grips with static structural analysis once and for all. In this course we focus on getting the basics right.

Mechanics Statics 1.1

Present the wonders of engineering in an easily understandable manner, with the help of real life examples.

Physics 12: Classical Mechanics

Learn the most comprehensive course in Classical Mechanics, and be prepared for the college entrance exams.

Introduction to Engineering Mechanics

Fundamentals of mechanics, statics and applied physics, worked through examples with easy-to-understand explanations and more than 400 quiz questions.

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

Fundamentals of Manufacturing from the very basics – “Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering”. Learn about manufacturing processes and calculations.

Fire Analysis of Steel Structures according to Eurocodes

Standard Fire Resistance calculation to EN 1991-1-2, EN 1993-1-2. Includes worked examples.

Simple Welded Connections for Beginners

Learn the basics of fillet welding and how to design simple fillet welded connections.

Blueprint Reading for Welders Basic Lines, Views and Symbols

Learn how to read blueprints and understand the basic lines and views and welding symbols associated with drawings.

Manufacturing Guide for Mechanical Product Development

Learn how everyday physical products are manufactured with no prior experience in engineering.

Introduction to Structural Reinforced Concrete

Learn the fundamental properties of one of the most widely used materials in the engineering and construction industry.

Reinforced & Prestressed Concrete for Construction Managers

Increase your value as a construction manager by gaining vital knowledge about concrete reinforcing and prestressing.

Become a Better Construction Manager - Learn About Concrete

Today's construction manager needs to understand how the most widely used building material on Earth actually works.

Physics: Master 2D Torque in Record Time

This course teaches how to calculate torque and how to set up free body diagrams and solve problems involving torque.

Rail Vehicle Engineering 101


This course will introduce you to the basics of rail vehicle engineering in order to prepare you for a potential career in rail.

Engineering Calculations using Microsoft Excel

Learn how to write your own customized calculations in minutes.

Mechanical Engineering & Drafting

This course will teach you how-to design mechanical objects in 2D CAD software using 7 step-by-step videos.

Engineering Design in Autodesk Inventоr

Guide to working in Autodesk Inventor.

Autodesk Inventor 2016 Essential training

Learn Autodesk Inventor from scratch and be Pro.

Siemens NX Unigraphics (UG) Basic to Advance 3D Modelling

Learn Unigraphics Complete Course From Scratch to Pro.

Siemens NX 10 Essential Training

Learn Siemens NX from scratch and be Pro.

SOLIDWORKS Course: Become a Certified Associate Today!

SolidWorks Training: Learn to Master SolidWorks to the Associate Certification Level Even if You are a Complete Beginner.

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The complete AutoCAD 2016 course

Learn AutoCAD 2016 from scratch to professional level.

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