mec Engineering Spreadsheets 

The mec Engineering Spreadsheets provide easy, low cost and professional design spreadsheets for calculation of many mechanical engineering problems using Excel.

The engineering spreadsheets have been developed with the aim to allow a fast calculation about mechanical design according to the international codes (Eurocode) and technical literature.

Even if it is needed a minimum of engineering knowledge, the spreadsheets have been produced to be used both by novice and expert users.

The powerful of spreadsheets allows to quickly get the answer about the interested problem, simply inserting the inputs for the computation, without to study specific tutorials or programs.

The spreadsheets for engineers and designers are available in different categories that include common mechanical dimensioning problems such as: structural bolted and welded connections, threaded holes and shafts, pin connections, shaft and hub connections, general design tools for plates and sections, lifting lugs, cylinders in pressure, Hertz contact problems, steel connections.

The spreadsheets are in English. In some sheets the Italian language option is also available.

More are being added regularly.


La mec Engineering Spreadsheets mette a disposizione strumenti professionali, facili da usare ed a basso costo per il calcolo di molti problemi ingegneristici, usando il formato Excel.

I fogli di calcolo sono stati sviluppati con lo scopo di permettere calcoli di progettazione meccanica in accordo alle norme internazionali (Eurocodici in particolare) e alla comune letteratura tecnica.

Anche se un minimo di conoscenza specifica di tipo ingegneristico è comunque necessaria, i fogli sono stati prodotti in maniera tale da essere usati sia da utenti esperti che non.

La potenza di uno strumento quale l’uso di fogli di calcolo permette all’utente di avere una risposta semplice ed immediata inserendo gli inputs necessari, senza dover studiare tutorials o programmi specifici.

I fogli sono disponibili in varie categorie che includono diversi problemi di dimensionamento di tipo meccanico quali: connessioni bullonate e saldate, filettature di fori ed alberi, connessioni tramite perno, connessioni albero-mozzo, strumenti generali di progettazione per piastre e sezioni, occhioni di sollevamento, cilindri in pressione, problemi di contatto di Hertz, connessioni in acciaio.

I fogli sono in inglese. In alcuni è disponibile l'opzione della doppia lingua in italiano.

Altri fogli vengono aggiunti regolarmente.


01/03/2017 - Updated Pins connection (v 1.2) spreadsheet in the  Pin connections and lifting lugs category.


15/02/2017 - Updated Lifting Lug Design (v 3.2) spreadsheet in the Pin connections and lifting lugs category.


11/01/2017 - Added Retaining rings (v 1.0) spreadsheet in the Shaft - Hub connections category. This simple spreadsheet is useful for a fast design and definition of safety rings needed to block shafts and holes.


18/08/2016 - Added "Online Courses" section, where you can find interesting webinars about engineering problems from Udemy Accademy.


23/06/2016 - Added Clip angle connection (v 1.0) spreadsheet in the Steel connections category. The spreadsheet verifies a connection between two H beams in horizontal disposition using clip angle sections and considering the Eurocode norm.


22/06/2016 - Added Eyebar Design (v 1.0) spreadsheet in the Pin connections and lifting lugs category. This simple spreadsheet is useful for a fast evaluation of a forged eyebar subjected to pulling force.


18/02/2016 - Updated Lifting Lug Design (v 3.0) spreadsheet in the Pin connections and lifting lugs category. Now it is possible to select both the Metric (S.I.) and English (U.K.) Units System for the calculation. The input and output values will change as consequence.


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Comments: 5
  • #1

    Flavio Montigni (Wednesday, 25 March 2015 13:43)

    Ho provato il foglio di calcolo dei bulloni e devo dire che è veramente ben fatto. Complimenti.

  • #2

    M. Graham (Saturday, 26 September 2015 15:39)

    Good resources for quick and detailed verification of mechanical design. Very useful and professional. Recommended.

  • #3

    A. F. (Tuesday, 25 October 2016 23:22)

    I use some of these mechanical spreadsheets regularly. They are practical and detailed, ideal for the daily work. Good job.

  • #4

    LM (Sunday, 04 December 2016 15:53)

    I have used some of the spreadsheet in this website, they are well done and simply to be used.
    With few money and few time I have solved complex problems.
    Thanks a lot.

  • #5

    Xabier (Thursday, 02 March 2017 20:56)

    I bought two Spreadsheet and one of them had some problems with the activation, Alessandro was all time trying to fix it and finally he did it. I´m very satisfy with the Alessandro attention and of course, with the Spreadsheets, they are very complete and give to the engineers or proffesionals a very good tool for daily calculus.
    Thank you very much.

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