Documentation area

In this section you will find free materials for mechanical and structural engineers.

It contains many general and detailed information for engineers such as tables, applications, formulae etc.

The section is in continuos evolution also considering your suggestions and contributions.

The aim of this section is to give many practical information that could be useful for the daily work. 


Steel materials: designation of steels


Steels property: mechanical characteristics for main quenched steels as per EN 10083-3:2006.


Stainless steels: useful information for stainless steel applications.


Welding specifications: considerations about the welding prescriptions as per Eurocode norm.


Steel framework joints: some framework joint types for a general overview of the most used in steel building.


Steel connections: formulas for the verification of some steel connections as per Eurocode 3.


Shaft schemes: calculus of boundary reactions and deflections in transmission shaft schemes.


Hertz contactgeneral formulas for bodies in contact.


Beam and frame schemes: list of a lot of schemes of beams and frames in different load and boundary conditions for a practical use.


Fit tolerances and applicationsuseful information for fits selection in hole-shaft applications.


Eurocode standardslist of Eurocode norms.


Material tables: tables with material characteristics


Units converter: tables with units conversion 

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