Engineering websites and useful links

This website contains a collection of engineering spreadsheets for structural analysis and design of concrete and steel structures. The programs have been developed by practicing professional engineers with emphasis on productivity, dependability, and clarity.

This website contains analysis and design spreadsheets for structural engineering. It provides useful information about developing and maintaining high quality technical spreadsheets for developers of all levels of experience.

The site provides a lot of excel spreadsheets designed to complete a wide range of civil and structural engineering calculations. Excel templates for drainage design, structural analysis calculations, foundation design and many more.

The site provides useful information, tables, schedules and formulas related to mechanical engineering and engineering materials.

Outsource engineering services to Back Office Pro, an offshore company in India with engineers specialized to support engineering process outsourcing.

On-line calculators for structural engineers.

The International Organization for Standardization.

Engineering forum.

A free Database of plastic materials. Technical Datasheets, contact suppliers, get samples.   

Information and assistance in obtaining a settlement for asbestos related cancer, known as mesothelioma.

A large resource of mesothelioma and asbestos information. is a data and user feedback driven review site for online services. They are a group of writers from all over the world who provide information on the best cloud storage, web hosting, cyber security VPNs, etc.


Courses and Education

Udemy is the world’s online learning marketplace with more than 40,000 courses.


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Special machinery design. Machine automation. Special tooling design.


DGE Engineering. Innovation. Solution.

Consulting (Mechanical Design, Process Design & System Engineering). Design for Manufacturing. Product Development.



Structural engineering bureau.


Connor Industries

Connor Industries is known world-wide for its custom welded aluminum boats, custom trailers, truck boxes, landscape accessories, docks and waterfront structures.


ASC engineering

The company deals with the analysis of mechanical systems that are supported by common engineering structures. ASC provides engineering services for customers requiring professional input about common as well as complex engineering problems.

"The forces induced by the  mechanical systems are usually dynamic in nature, requiring the 

reassessment of structures which will support these mechanical systems. Mec-engineering spreadsheets allows us to quickly cross check the resistance of the support structures nodes that are affected by the mechanical systems."

Outstandinn Management is a new, leaner, more flexible and client focused company, built upon decades of project management and engineering competence.

It collaborates in the full life cycle of a project, from its early engineering and design stages, through manufacturing, execution and construction, up to commissioning and hand over. It operates in the segments of Power and Energy, Renewables and Solid Waste and Downstream Oil & Gas.


CUBE Srl Engineering Consulting

CUBE is a multidisciplinary engineering company specialized in structural integrated services for both industrial and civil sector.

Flexibility, creativity and reliability are their strengths in a robust and high quality design process and environment.

Cube offers multidisciplinary engineering services from the early stages of design till plant completion, always supplying reliable and accurate advice and assistance to the customers


Hermit Engineering CO

One of the tops of Engineering firm, providing professional Engineering design, Procurement and Construction of massive projects for industrial and process plants.


For Which Businesses Automation Is Suitable

Understanding whether your business is compatible with modern industrial automation solutions is the key step before applying it. It will allow you not to waste extra money and install the appropriate equipment. No matter what your company creates, our RIOS intelligent machines will speed up your workflows and increase productivity while maintaining high quality.


Automation in Food Manufacturing

Starting with the industry that’s familiar to everyone, food factories consistently implement industrial automation systems. They allow you to speed up your production line and stick to your company standards. To achieve maximum efficiency, install our DION robot. This is a fully AI-powered machine that’s designed for handling food items.

Another crown jewel is HERMES which makes polybag packaging automated and quick. It boasts double speed compared to human operators and makes no accidental mistakes.

Finally, LUMOS will help you detect defective products and automatically remove them. This is a great tool to achieve better quality and create your standards.


Automation in Chemical Manufacturing

As progress moves forward, the chemical industry becomes more dependable on factory automation equipment and robotics. People no longer wish to sacrifice their health by working with dangerous chemical substances. The pandemic has given a boost to this tendency as well. Millions of manual workers could no longer go to their workplaces.

Implementing our VULCAN robot will make the following processes quick and completely safe for your staff:

  • Sorting
  • Packing
  • Palletizing

It will never drop down a ready-made product hurting someone around. This isn’t afraid of dangerous substances and liquids as well.


Automation in Textile Manufacturing

Applying a factory automation system in the textile industry guarantees better productivity, safer working conditions, and higher product quality. Installing our ASTRIA will make machine tending or material handling completely automated. It performs its functions with human-like delicacy yet provides extreme precision and speed.


Other useful links

DPD is a powerful and easy to use digital publishing platform for selling and delivering downloadable content.

DPD is an all-in-one shopping cart and digital fulfillment service for downloadable products. Serving thousands of stores, DPD processes and delivers millions worth of downloads each year.

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