Key Activation form

If you have purchased a spreadsheet, here you can find the form to request the Activation Key to unlock your copy of the spreadsheet on your computer (additional information also here).

The activation is based on a hardware-locked key that will only work on the computer specified by you. It won't work on any other machine. The key is based on a unique System ID of the machine.

Follow the steps below to obtain the Activation Key of your purchased spreadsheet:

  1. Run the spreadsheet you have purchased (it is a compiled “.EXE” file) on the computer where you want to use it. 
    A window will be displayed.


      2. Copy the indicated System ID of your computer (you can also use the “Copy to Clipboard” button)

      3. Copy it in the form below in the field “System ID for computer N° 1”
      4. Repeat the procedure for eventual second computer where you want use the file, and copy the                 relevant ID in the field “System ID for computer N° 2”. You can also request the activation on the               PC 2 in a second time. In this case leave the field empty 
      5. Select the purchased files (one or more) you want to activate on the selected two computers

          Note: compile different Activation forms in case you have files to be activated on different


      6. Fill the fields "Name" and "Email" with the same information you gave during the purchasing. We

          need them to recognize your purchasing. 
      7. Press the “Send Request” button 


In alternative you can directly write us to give these information. In this case, in order to facilitate the information sharing, download the following .xls file compile and send it to our email.


In return Activation Keys will be sent to you by email in order to activate your spreadsheets in the specified machines.  

Note that this email sending is not automatic (an automatic procedure is not available yet). You will receive Keys as soon as possible. In general this happens within a few minutes/hours from purchase (1 day maximum). Our zone is UTC +1.


The Activation Key works only on the computer you have specified with the System ID.

Hence make sure that you send the System ID of the computer on which you want to use the spreadsheet(s).


NOTE: Before run the application for the first time it is suggested to save a backup copy of your application for security reasons.

Please enter the code:

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.