Rail wheel load verification

The spreadsheet verifies the contact condition between the wheels and the rail as per FEM Booklet and DIN norms. 

The wheels are relevant to train application or lifting equipment such as travelling cranes.


  • Rail/wheel contact verification considering the FEM 1,001 Booklet 4 and its integration FEM 1,001 Booklet 9 (the norm is equivalent to the norm ISO 16881-1:2005).
  • Evaluation of the maximum force supported by the rail
  • CASE I, CASE II and CASE III load combinations evaluation
  • Rail/wheel contact verification considering the DIN 15070.
  • Representative tables for rail, wheels and design coefficients
  • Class of the mechanism identification as per ISO 4301-1 and FEM 9,512 standards

 See video.



The spreadsheet you will purchase and receive is an excel file compiled in a “.EXE” application file format identified by our icon image. See the Activation/Support page for more details.


Spreadsheet versions list:


Version 1.1: New .EXE file format for the spreadsheet. When launching the .EXE file, Excel is started and the protected workbook is opened as if you had opened it the regular way. See Activation/Support page for more information.


Version 1.0: new introduced file.

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