EGX system (EGX) is a complete gaming system created to help Arma 3 clan administrators and mission makers for their activities.

It offers a lot of useful tools for MP missions and training servers.



I developed this system, also inspired by the Arma 3 clan community that I frequented, and have had a lot of positive feedbacks with it in my MP missions.

I have personally created many of the scripts for the tools contained in the system. For others I have used scripts shared on Armaholic and BI forum by the Arma 3 community. You can find credits in section below.

Of course it does not want to be pretentious or replace systems already in use and tested, but only my personal contribution to share with the community. No more, no less.


Main features:

- Dynamic adminPanel that gives to mission masters, administrators and specific players a lot of functions to manage and help them in their MP missions and activities

- A number of 78 modules covering a lot of useful functions and utilities to manage your missions when in game, comprising:

    * General modules with admin tools and helicopter systems
    * Tools to manage players and general utilities
    * Blufor support modules
    * Enemy support modules
    * Civilian and objective modules

- Launcher to run 15 external personal scripts when in game whenever you want

- MedicMenu panel that gives to medics an additional tool for their loadout

- MedevacMenu panel to manage automatic medevac system for transport and healing of players directly when in game

- TransportMenu panel to manage players transport for their insertion from respawn point directly when in game

- LoadoutPanel system to manage loadouts, radio frequencies and special functions

- Start & End mission screens and logo system to make unique and customizable your missions

- A lot of pre-configurated factions available for use

- Possibility to add other factions needed for your mission

- Graphical windows to manage modules option

- Integrated Enemy Spawning System (ESS) to dynamically spawn enemies on clickable ESS zones directly when in game

- Integrated Area Defending System (ADS) to dynamically create enemy attacks on area directly when in game

- Activation by ACE self interaction menu for authorized players 

- User guide included

- MP compatible


More functions and details in the included guide.


Installation / Usage:

See included DOC-EGX-SYS Rev1.0 file for details.



The EGX system needs the following main mods loaded in your mission:

- ACE, for the activation of the different panels

- RHS USAF, for the definition of many types of vehicles contained in the modules. For some of them, if not loaded, you can use the vanilla vehicles selectable in the relevant graphical windows.


Mods list:

- ace

- CBA_A3


- ACE Compat - RHS United States Armed Forces


For the radio frequencies setting the standard Task Force Radio is needed:

- Task Force Arrowhead Radio (BETA!!!)


For long range radios the mod "ILBE Assault Pack – Rewrite" is suggested.

Anyway classnames of additional radios can be added.


The loadouts, included in the annexed files of the sample mission, have been defined using the RHS USAF mod. Load it to see the sample. 

Of course use your loadouts and/or any mod you want.


Credits & Thanks:

Not in order of importance:

- All members of Bohemia Interactive Forums & Armaholic community for their constant contribute to share information and helps

- All Arma 3 clans I was inspired by and supported by

- Shuko for sharing his SHK_pos - Random position generator system

- Zenophon for sharing his Infantry Occupy House system

- Sceptre for sharing his Custom Dialog System (CDS)

- Aliascartoons for sharing his Minefield script, Artillery script and Jdam bomb script

- Zooloo75/Stealthstick for sharing their suicide bomber script

- Phronk for sharing his IEDs script

- HallyG for sharing his supply drop script

- AirFell for sharing his Keypad Script

- =7Cav=CW2.Iher.I for sharing their Vehicle Repair, Refuel, Rearm Pad script


License / Disclaimer:

EGX System is free for use. Wherever possible, please keep it as it is. Have fun with it. 



First released version 6.0




If you have comments please use the specific BI forum page.



EGX Gaming System
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 8.2 MB


If you are interested, HERE you can download a document with a collection of procedures and scripts useful for an Arma 3 mission maker.