Dimensioning of Bolts

The spreadsheet allows to verify a bolted connection using standard technical literature and Eurocode norm EN 1993-1-8:2005.

It offers some tools for a complete design of a bolted joint, reported in different woorksheet sections:


Calculus of bolt distances from edges

Standard useful tool to evaluate the distances between bolts and from plate edges as per EN 1993-1-8.


  • Bolt diameter specification
  • Evaluation of minimum and maximum distances from edges (along in-plane directions)
  • Evaluation of minimum and maximum distances between bolts (along in-plane directions)
  • Slotted hole case
  • Mean value calculation
  • Verification to imposed values for distances

Verification of the bolted joint to Eurocode EN 1993-1-8

It allows to verify up to 6 connected plates providing the results in different separated tables identified by the specific category of the joint (A, B, C and D) as per EN 1993-1-8.


  • Bolted joint configuration definition (diameter, bolt class, edges distance, connected plates, materials, etc...)
  • Possibility to select exagonal or countersunk head screw type
  • Up to five shear sections
  • Separated definition of hole type for each connected plate
  • Possibility to select the specific position of the bolt in the connection for correct parameters evaluation
  • Multiple hole positions selection for conservative verification
  • Verification both in shear and friction modes
  • Bolt preload parameters
  • Verification of the joint cover to tension
  • Force definition (Ultimate Limit State and Serviceability Limit State)
  • Quick summary tables
  • Joint verification as per Category A, B, C and D to shear, tension, combined effect in shear and friction mode.
  • Plate bearing and punching shear strength verification
  • Complete summary tables for each category and specific loading type application

Dimensioning of a bolted connections

Complete dimensioning of a bolted connections using standard and Eurocode norms, taking into account the stiffness of the connected plates to evaluate the forces distribution between bolts and flanges, and tightening torque parameters. It considers both the case of bolts in shear and friction modes, with one or two shear sections. It allows also to design the case of bolts in threaded holes.



  • Bolted joint configuration definition (diameter, thread parameters, bolt class, edges distance, connected plates, materials, etc...)
  • Option of bolt with nut or bolt in threaded hole
  • One or two shear sections
  • Different materials for the connected plates
  • User value or Eurocode specification for the tightening torque
  • Tightening torque evaluation
  • Verification of screw working with friction (Eurocode or standard prescription)
  • Calculated or user defined stiffness for flanges
  • Verification for calibrated screw (verification of the bolt as per standard formulas) under loads or during preload condition
  • Verification of screw in threaded hole case
  • Possibility to select a different materials for the threaded hole
  • Minimum engaged threaded length evaluation
  • Bolt verification section as per Eurocode 3 - EN 1993-1-8:2005. Bolt in shear, tension and combined effect. 
  • Plates bearing strength verification. Evaluation of the strength considering the position of the bolt in the connection
  • Punching shear strenght verification
  • Different options for the Tightening Torque formulation
  • Different options for the joint stiffness formulation

Alternative formulation for flange stiffness

Section reporting some possible evaluations of the flanges stiffness considering the following references:

  • Systematische Berechnung hochbeanspruchter Schraubenverbindungen. VDI Richtlinien, VDI 2230, oct. 1977.
  • Systematische Berechnung hochbeanspruchter Schraubenverbindungen zylindrische Einschraubenverbindungen. VDI Richtlinien, VDI 2230, Blatt 1, avril 1983.
  • RASMUSSEN (J.) et coll. – Bolted joints. A two body contact problem with friction. Euromech Colloquium NR 110 Rimforsa, p. 115-20, 27 au29 sept. 1978.

Tightening torque calculation

Calculation of tightening torques and bolt parameters in table format using the standard Motosh formula.


Bolt clearance

Listing of the minimum clearances between bolt and edges needed for a practical screwing operations.


Pre-holes for thread

Listing of the standard drilling holes needed to realize threaded holes.


See video.



The spreadsheet you will purchase and receive is an excel file compiled in a “.EXE” application file format identified by our icon image. See the Activation/Support page for more details.

Trial version

You can download a trial version of this spreadsheet for evaluation purpose. Click below to download the zipped file.

The trial version has a limited duration from its first activation on your computer, after that it stops to work and a new activation key is needed or the full version should be purchased.

To activate it, unzip the downloaded file, run the application and insert the Activation Key you will find in the .TXT file.

After key validation, the trial period starts on your machine and a window is displayed at each launch reminding you the remained trial days. 

To purchase the full version go back to this webpage or use the “Purchase Online” button on the launching window.


The trial spreadsheet is fully working with the following limitations:

  • For some verifications only some bolt sizes are available
  • It is not possible to open/save external spreadsheets when it runs
  • Excel toolbar is not visible
  • Print function is disable
  • Copy and paste functions are disable
  • Save function is disable

What you will find in the full version

  • No expiration date
  • No limitation for bolts size
  • It is possible to open/save external spreadsheets when it runs
  • Excel toolbar is visible
  • Print function is available
  • Save function is available
  • Copy and paste functions are available

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Dimensioning of Bolts v 3.0 - Trial version
Dimensioning of Bolts v 3.0 - Trial vers
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 20.8 MB

Spreadsheet versions list:


Version 3.0

Updated the "Bolt veification EUROCODE" worksheet with the following features:

  • Possibility to select a countersunk head screw
  • Updating of bearing verification with the possibility to select the specific position in the connection of the bolt under verification
  • Possibility to select the type of the hole, as per EC norm, for each connected plate, in order to calculate the relevant parameters separately for each thickness
  • General restyling of input insertion and output summary tables


Version 2.2

Bugs fixed.


Version 2.1

New .EXE file format for the spreadsheet. When launching the .EXE file, Excel is started and the protected workbook is opened as if you had opened it in the regular way. See Activation/Support page for more information.

Added tightening torque losses also in the Eurocode formula.

Text improvements.


Version 2.0:

Updating the interface of worksheet "Bolt verification EUROCODE". More user friendly interface created.

Minor improvements.


Version 1.2:

Bugs fixed

Minor improvements.


Version 1.1:

Intoduced drilling hole information for threaded holes.

Minor improvements.


Version 1.0: new introduced file.


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    GEORGIOS ATHANASOPOULOS (Monday, 18 December 2023 09:38)

    In the trial version there are only three bolt sizes for the Eurocode check.
    Does this change in the full version and you have a full list?

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    vincenzo (Wednesday, 22 July 2020 17:12)

    Can it run on Libreoffice suite?

    thank you

Hi Vincenzo, sorry but never tested with this software. Anyway you can test it using the trial version of many sheets present in this site.



Hi Georgios,

as written above in full version no limitation is present for bolts size. Here below the sizes included: