Dimensioning of riveted joint

The spreadsheet allows to verify a riveted connection using the Eurocode norm EN 1993-1-8.



  • Riveted joint configuration definition 
  • User defined materials for rivet and connected plates
  • One or two shear sections configurations
  • Verification of distances between rivets and edges
  • Shear, tension and combined strength verification of the rivet
  • Connected plates bearing strength verification. Evaluation of the strength considering the position of the rivet in the connection
  • Tear out verification of the plate to pulling force at the section weakened by the holes

See video.



The spreadsheet you will purchase and receive is an excel file compiled in a “.EXE” application file format identified by our icon image. See the Activation/Support page for more details.


Spreadsheet versions list:


Version 1.1:

Minor improvement.


Version 1.0: new introduced file.


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