Welding verification of H sections


The spreadsheet verifies the welding of different fillet welding shapes tacking into account the Eurocode and NTC 2008 norms.


It offers a design tool both for fast and detailed calculation of a head to head welded joint configuration.


  • Numerous shapes for the welding configuration
  • Calculation of welding shape properties
  • Material definition from database or user defined
  • Loads definition (tension, shear, bending and torque)
  • Stresses on welding
  • Fillet welding verification



The spreadsheet you will purchase and receive is an excel file compiled in a “.EXE” application file format identified by our icon image. See the Activation/Support page for more details.

Trial version

You can download a trial version of this spreadsheet for evaluation purpose. Click below to download the zipped file.

The trial version has a limited number of runs from its first activation on your computer, after that it stops to work and a new activation key is needed or the full version should be purchased.

To activate it, unzip the downloaded file, run the application and insert the Activation Key you will find in the .TXT file.

After key validation, the runs count starts on your machine and a window is displayed at each launch reminding you the remained launches. 

To purchase the full version go back to this webpage or use the “Purchase Online” button on the window.


The trial spreadsheet works with the following limitations:

  • Limited selection for welding length dimensions
  • Expiration after a number of runs
  • It is not possible to open/save external spreadsheets when it runs
  • Excel toolbar is not visible
  • Print function is disable
  • Copy and paste functions are disable
  • Save function is disable

 What you will find in the full version

  • Unlimited selection for welding length dimensions 
  • No expiration
  • It is possible to open/save external spreadsheets when it runs
  • Excel toolbar is visible
  • Print function is available
  • Save function is available
  • Copy and paste functions are available

For support and questions contact us.



Welding shapes verification v1.0 - Trial
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 15.7 MB


Spreadsheet versions list:


Version 2.0:

Introduced new welding shapes.


Version 1.0: new introduced file.


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