Old news

12/02/2016 - New category for the design of steel connections as per Eurocode standards. Added two spreadsheets for the verification of the bolted connection of axial loaded beams using angle sections. Two different types of connection (Type A and Type B).



31/01/2016 - Added .EXE file format for the spreadsheets. When launching the .EXE file, Excel is started and the protected workbook is opened as if you had opened it the regular way. See Activation/Support page for more information.


22/12/2015 - Added Pin-bolt connection to shear (standard) (v 1.0) spreadsheet in the Pin connections and lifting lugs category. This simple spreadsheet is useful for a fast evaluation of a shear connection with pin.


18/12/2015 - Added Rail wheel load verification spreadsheet in the Design tools category. The spreadsheet allows to verify the contact loading condition between the wheels and the rail as per FEM Booklet and DIN norms.


13/11/2015 - Added Documentation Area where you can find useful technical information.


04/11/2015 - Updated Verification of thread of screws and shafts and Threaded hole verification spreadsheets in the Welded and bolted connection category. 


Now it is possible to introduce an "User language" in addition to the english and italian. 


23/10/2015 - Updated Lifting Lug Design (v 2.0) spreadsheet in the Pin connections and lifting lugs category. New verification worksheets have been included considering the design of lifting padeyes with stiffening brackets and lugs with overlapping plate joint.


22/09/2015 - Added Forces on bolted connection spreadsheet in the Welded and bolted connection categoryThe spreadsheet calculates the forces on the bolts in a bolted connection inserting the coordinates of each bolt composing the joint.

Detailed calculation of the forces due to shear, tension, bending and torque moments.


Useful graphical output for forces is provided.


30/08/2015 - Updated Dimensioning of bolts spreadsheet in the Welded and bolted connection category. Added drilling hole information for threaded holes and minor improvements.


10/08/2015 - Updated Welding verification spreadsheet in the Welded and bolted connection category. Now it is possible to insert user values for materials.


12/05/2015 - Open YouTube channel where you can see videos of our spreadsheets. Visit it and subscribe.


05/05/2015 - Added Thin wall cylinder in pressure spreadsheet in Design tool category.


04/05/2015 - Added Dimensioning of Riveted joint spreadsheet in the Welded and bolted connection category.


28/03/2015 - Added lifting lug design spreadsheet in the Pin connections category.


16/03/2015 - Added Free resources category.